The Night Drive

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May 202015
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This is Tristan on spotlight duty as we drove back from sunset drinks on the hill at Mbuluzi. There was lots of wildlife out after dark.

Bruce asked me towards the end of the trip what was the highlight. There were many but a major one was getting to know Tristan. Not only was he a superb game spotter (the quote of the trip was “Dad, you might want to back up – there are lions on the opposite bank”), but he contributed to every aspect of the trip. He was the first to help load or unload the utes, nothing was too difficult and he cheerfully put up with endless yells of “stop I need a shot of that!”. Not many 22yr olds could fit in for a month with a bunch of geriatric photographers with the ease that he did.

Thanks Tristan …..

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  1. I agree with you Ian. I had forgotten the nick name he gave himself (we are still to see that dairy !!! to remind us) and he told me it was Mr Sherpa! He was fantastic. I think you have given us a great photo too

  2. Ian, you know I am a proud father. You just made me prouder! Thank you very much for appreciating our special young man. I love your photo too. I might have to talk to you about a print …. It was a pleasure having the crew we had and it is a tribute to you all that you came with no preconceptions about the value a 22yr old could add to a trip like ours. Thank you!!

  3. All your comments make me a very proud grandmother as well. Thank you to all of you as you were a fabulous groupl enjoyed by us all. Blessings to all

    • I think the hightlight was that Bruce showed us the places special to him and especially his family. An interesting and fun group with lots of knowledge of the land and wildlife. A real privilege. Something quite special.

  4. Awesome photo Ian!!! And thank you very much for such generous comments. Was awesome to have you beside me as nagrivator (as Steph would say) and to keep me awake for the loooooong, straight drives with stories of flying skyhawks, 4WDing in the Mackenzie basin and airline politics. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos in July

    • Mr Sherpa, I think we all agree with Ian’s comments. You were and ARE phenomenal imho. You quietly and calmly get on with things and are very perceptive and very caring

    • Isn’t that Trisman the nobel

      • Your memory is probably better than mine, Tim, but Sherpa is what Tristan told me when I asked later . .

  5. Good picture and well said.

  6. Was a fun night! My photos are a LOT more blurry!!!

  7. Magical image Ian – and as for…” Not many 22yr olds could fit in for a month with a bunch of geriatric photographers ” – all I can say is, “Good point, well made!” 😉

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