Nature’s tapestry 1

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May 182015
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While in Africa I was looking for something I had not done before. Rocks have always had a huge attraction for me and I needed to get to know what that connection is so we slowly, painfully, started to make friends. Small ideas started to germinate and slowly develop. Unfortunately the end came as I started to realise the idea and I know I still have a mission to accomplish. Herewith the first image in a short series that I hope marks the beginning of another wonderful journey.

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  3 Responses to “Nature’s tapestry 1”

  1. Nice texture Bruce.But most of all I like how the oblique lines forming an arrow from each side are almost , but not quite, symmetrical.

  2. I like it.Interesting that the cross came at the end of the trip. At first I see a cross baring the way, Stop, then notice it has a section that flows through the middle of it. Then I see “greater than and Less Than signs. To the viewer is in the centre of an place that expands in each direction. So a moment in time when things stop and can then expand in either direction. Very good image indeed.

  3. Interesting interp Tim makes above – love the image … looking forward to seeing more.

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