Less is necessary

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May 162015
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This building in Glasgow had so much promise as I viewed it from a distance. But up close is showed signs of weathering – not the structure but the cladding. So I concentrated on the form and then in post took out the less attractive detail.
Maybe I should have just written “Abstract X” which I often do. I say this because I keep wondering if an explanation helps the viewer of abstract images or does it hinder.

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  1. Very lovely 🙂

  2. Because I am limited in my intelligence to being the sum total of my previous experiences I am always keen to be informed by other people and what they know or bring to a situation. For each and every image there is the associated image maker and I need to know both. So in my opinion keep telling me about your images, I am then the richer for it.

  3. And because we are all different and there are no rights or wrongs, just personal preferences, I like to let my abstract images question the viewer. I don’t like to tell them what I think because I love to find out how their own perspectives lead them to respond. To me it is as much about the relationship between the abstract image and the viewer as it is about me and my own abstract image. I am very comfortable looking at this image without knowing anything about it but it does screen “Suckling” …. Very beautiful and sensitive

  4. I think the explanation makes the experience richer. We all experience reality through our own filters. From our own experience and to keep us sane. A beautiful image, a clean graphic perfectly proportioned. I think that is the way you approach the world John. Even if you do need to remove a bit of less attractive detail to do it. It makes the world a beautiful place. I think there is a lesson for us all there. So yes the explanation has helped me.

  5. Im in the “helps” camp as well. However as with any viewer I will interpret what I see from my own frame of reference.

    With this type of work i am reminded of the Minor White quote “Photograph not for what it is but for what else it is”.

    The particular “what else” we see will vary from individual to individual regardless of what we actually know about “what it is”.

    • Ian, I was not aware of that Minor White quote – now one of my favourites. Thanks and thanks everyone for your feedback on ‘to comment or not to comment’. As always, no single answer – something I think one realises as one gets old,

  6. Beautifully simple and yet so effective 🙂 No explanation required.

  7. I enjoy the added value your insight into your own picture brings. I so love the simplicity and “less” of this, and agree muchly with Ian’s comment. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. I have loved the commentary on this image. Thanks everyone, and John for posing the questions.

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