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May 132015
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A cold dark night in the Strath Taieri area.

Worth it!

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  6 Responses to “Sutton”

  1. Great image Ferg. the soft light on the side of the building is stunning. The rest is negative space with an interesting horizon running over the top of the building.

  2. I love it – a complete original, which we all know is hard to do!

  3. Beautiful, sensitive image Ferg.

  4. very nice. I like the moon.

  5. I find that knowing the building and where you were standing really helps me to feel what it is that you saw.

    The visual weight that the little moon has so close to the edge of the frame is extraordinary

  6. Blue and gold – very patriotic, Ferg! And a glorious image – I do love the richness of the colours, the lined face of the building, the power pole connecting us to the outside world, and that little blinking moon.

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