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May 122015
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Kolmanskop Nambia. On Bruce fantastical African tour. In the old school at the abandoned mining town of Kolmanskop. We put everything in a frame whether we intend to or not. The frames scattered down the hall and eventually out the for end speak to me of abandoned ideas, events and memories.

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  6 Responses to “Frames”

  1. They speak to me like that too. Great treatment as well. Look forward to seeing many more images.

  2. Tim, you already know what I think of this image 🙂 you are very clever and I love this. I stood on the same spot and couldn’t make any associations … My loss. Beautiful image and a great story.

  3. Love this image – it feels very surreal. I am particularly enjoying the contrast between the structured rectangles on the walls and the random arrangement of frames on the ground 🙂

  4. Wonderful creation, Tim. I am enjoying viewing it on my larger screen and in great detail. Superb texture and viewpoint. Isn’t it mazing how those frames are laid out just ready for you. Sadly, I didn’t get to this building! I think it is just great that we were all able to spread out into different buildings.

  5. Very cool and particularly interesting to see something different from Kolmanskop. Jealous 😉

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