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May 102015
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We were in Morocco last week – a few days in Marrakech followed by a three day desert tour. You’re sure to see more images from the trip, particularly the tour. We had a private guide and car, so could stop when we wished, which was why we kept arriving late at our destinations! Anyway, our guide took us to this mostly-unused Kasbah in the middle of nowhere and this Berber man encouraged us to engage him for a tour. We decided we’d like to wander through without his services – it was quiet and cool inside the thick, ancient walls and a bit of a relief from the busy-ness we’d experienced elsewhere. Afterwards, another man and a teenage boy talked to us and I asked to take their portraits and showed them the images on the back of the camera, with much hilarity. The original man was obviously keen to not miss out on the action and also agreed to have his portrait taken. He went so far as to pour three glasses of “Berber Whisky” – a hot, sweet mint tea – from his ornate silver teapot and offered these to us (delicious!) and then would not accept payment for the tea. A short but special and memorable experience.

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