Bald Eagle

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Apr 292015
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We enjoyed an awe inspiring three hours at a birds of prey centre north of London. In addition to learning much about eagles, owls and falcons we got to hold owls then eagles, and later flew the eagles ourselves, in an open paddock … a thrilling experience that was over far too soon. My heart still races at the memory of standing there, arm out-stretched, with a small morsel as bait, while an eagle swooped in to grip my gloved arm in its talons as it landed to demolish its treat. A WOW moment.

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  1. A fantastic image to go with a fantastic experience. So up close and menacing. That is one serious piece of work, should I say, bird!

    • Thank you, John. Yes – they are a menacing looking bird. The trainers advised us to ‘get over’ any desire to stroke the lovely fluffy feathers on their breasts, or anywhere – our other fingers had to be kept tucked away …. apparently the owls would only rip the flesh, whereas the eagles could break the fingers! I imagine they know that it’s our fingers and hands that feed them, but they’re not too worried about the difference between a gloved and un-gloved hand. They also told us that they never attack faces, which is reassuring when you have one of these sitting at your shoulder.

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