Rocks might fly – James Gibson

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Apr 272015
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A spectacularly unspectacular sunset found me playing with pebbles on the beach. It’s amazing how much time it’s possible to waste waiting for just the right wave to wash over just the right stone at just the right time. Long enough for your dinner to go cold.

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  5 Responses to “Rocks might fly – James Gibson”

  1. James, I like how you have created a 3-D effect.

  2. Thanks John. I really liked the stark contrast of the weather-worn rock against the un-highlighted water, it feels to me like a solid anchor in amongst the hectic flow (even if it’s actually quite small in the whole grand scheme of things!)

  3. I get a real sense of movement here, nice.

  4. I just love the surreal sense of suspension. Fascinating. Would love to see a big print of this.

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