Colour Palette, Hahei, April 2015

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Apr 252015
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To some people; Meg Lipscombe I’m looking at you; a sense of colour appears to come easily. Having talked to Meg about her childhood, and memories of her Dad, I see that it is something that she at least, has absorbed rather than learned specifically, although I’m sure she’s added to that knowledge along the way.

My upbringing was influenced by survey plans, lines and angles, and an understanding of colour is something I’ve wrestled with, especially when it comes to creating mood. When I do use colour it is in an instinctive way, something that I know just feels right. To me. With no thought to whether it fits any rules.

And there’s where I get a little bit stuck. I have sat with the colour wheel, and colour theory, but there is always a very loud whisper that keeps overriding the theory. “Does nature care what colours she puts together?” Flowers spring up in various shades and hues and does natural selection take part in deciding that only shades that match the triad scheme shall survive? Or complementary coloured ones? I’d like to know if she does.

So I’ve been observing colours in nature, and how they fit together. And how they fit with me, what my natural colour palette is, so that I can maybe start to make deliberate choices as I wish. And I find beautiful things. And I know instinctively what my colours are. These ones.

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  3 Responses to “Colour Palette, Hahei, April 2015”

  1. So, Jenny, I hope to see a whole lot more images in these tones, no matter the context.

    • Thanks John – have you been talking to Ferg? I’ve been in a creative hole lately (too much bottom of Maslov’s hierarchy to focus on) and have been looking for something to push me out. You’ve both given me something to work with. Thanks!!

  2. oooh, I like this, it reminds me of cave paintings, egyptian art and north american indian culture, drumming and the spiral of our lives. clever.

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