Apr 222015
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This cliff face and clear water is along the Waima (or Ure) River to Sawcut Gorge about 75 km north of Kaikoura. It is said to be an easy trek to the Sawcut, but for me it was quite difficult due to my impaired, but improving, mobility! There are no tracks as such and the riverbed is very rocky. I was moving though water up to my knees for much of the time! Despite the challenging rock hopping journey on a hot summer day it was great to do it with like minded people. I wouldn’t like to attempt this trek during or after rain as the hard parts of the sandy track would be slippery and the river would be very high! I took my time and enjoyed another one of my “get into nature”, “get fit” AND make “photographs” journeys.

This image means a lot to me as it shows that my efforts over the last few years have improved my strength and mobility. I am happy to still be able to get out into New Zealand’s back country to enjoy the magnificent, majestic and marvellous environment.

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  3 Responses to “Limestone Landscape – Barbara Burry”

  1. You are doing pretty well in Africa as well!!!

  2. Nice tones and colours Barbara. I bet your current images will be much warmer in tone!

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