Mamaku, March 2015

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Apr 142015
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Today. Final moving day. For the last three weeks we’ve been in transit and can now settle in somewhere for all intents and purposes permanently.

For two weeks of that time we lived again in Mamaku, 300m above Rotorua, where I’ve spent much of my life. I’d forgotten how beautiful it was for me. I’d let the 7ft annual rainfall, fog in the mornings distract me. And the cold. However it’ll be seeming positively tropical after a winter in Christchurch I imagine.

It’s a wildy place. One of my special ones.

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  5 Responses to “Mamaku, March 2015”

  1. It looks special too Jenny. But welcome to the mainland now. May it be all you want it to be.

  2. Thanks John. I’m sure it will be. Finally had the time to be excited about our move. And the possibilities. Slowly creating peace from the chaos.

  3. Special.

    There is also a lot work in these that I think we should probably do together. Ive got about 10gb of photos and probably another 4gb of film footage to analyse.

    Shaun Waugh did an interesting project for his masters that I think you would find interesting, it made me think of Mamaku and I have had butterflies in my stomach about it ever since.

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