Tussock land

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Apr 132015
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I have been looking at ways to add another dimension to my style of photography. I have tried moving the camera but fall so short of what the experts do that I have given that up for now. But I have acquired a tilt-shift lens not so much to use for my architectual work (though I am sure I try that later) but to use the highly selective out of focus feature of the lens.
It has been such fun to use. This image is a first attempt. I like the idea and with a lot of practice I hope to significantly improve on this.

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  1. I feel the wind and cold looking at this John. I like what you have done here. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

  2. I understand what you’re saying about the movement, and I’ve discovered for myself that the ultimate for me is to have what I call “softsharp”, having something pin sharp in the image, no matter how soft, or movement filled the rest. I find that very satisfying. I love the textures in sky and land, then the feeling of permanence in the posts, hunkered down against the hill.

    • Thanks Jenny. The challenge is getting the right bits sharp and an appropriate amount of softness for the rest. A whole new ball game of softsharp that will keep me occupied for some considerable time!

  3. I really like this as well and,,as we have come to expect, you are exploring a,”John” way of,looking at things

    Jens concept of”softsharp” is a great way of thinking about it and totally appropriate for the tilt shift.

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