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Apr 062015
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This felt better than Stonehenge – perhaps because it is less well known and hence more mysterious.

The whole time we were there I was wondering how and why they did this. But I was left with an appreciation for civilisations past.

We are in Perth now and off to Africa in a couple of days

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  2 Responses to “Avebury”

  1. Before I read your post my first thoughts were it looks similar to Stonehenge! Yes, the big questions are very much how and why, especially the how! Fantastic tones and great power of the reverse triangle of clouds about that monstrous stone.

  2. Ian, you know why you think it is better – it has several trees in it. From memory (which I readily admit is not reliable, and so I could be wrong) Stonehenge is completely devoid of trees.
    I like the way the bulbous aspect of the rock is almost, but not quite, centre.

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