Mar 312015
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A recipe for dreaming…..

* Take some glass vases – made from VERY imperfect glass.
* Add water, some touches of light, and stir in a vivid imagination that will take you wherever
you will let it wander.
* Sprinkle in a smidgeon of mystery.
* Included timeless time, and allow you and your camera to become one.
* See beyond just looking, travel deeper than deep.
* Dismiss all expectations….. and all labels.
* Have a conversation with yourself along the way, and laugh at the delight of stumbling
across unexpected discoveries.
* Enjoy the journey.

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  3 Responses to “Seascape – Sally Mason – standing in for Sarah”

  1. Beautiful Sally. You said it all – just fall into it and let the mind travel ….

  2. Very nice, One of Sarah’s fav places. Textures and layers keep drawing you in and around.

  3. Love everything about this Sally, the colours, texture and play of light – trust you to generously share how to create it too! Now, where’s my camera…?!

    Thank you

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