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Mar 302015
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Sometimes you are photographing someone or something and then an opportunity presents itself. This happened to me recently, I met Chris and had the opportunity to photograph him for a project I’m working on with a couple of others. To say it was interesting would be an understatement, it was a gift given to me…..I as yet don’t understand why

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  1. OOh Ferg. This tells us so much. Enjoy your gifts they are precious. Sometimes we are gifted thing just for the joy of gifting so we should take the joy and make the most of it. Well done.

  2. Love this Ferg and Im so looking forward to seeing the remainder of this project.

    Regarding your “gift” – I believe that you 3 have gone out to find something, and I congratulate you for that. No random gifts involved at all.

  3. Hot, Ferg.

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