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Mar 272015
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This was the second time we’d climbed the 400 or so steps of the Duomo in Florence. The first brought tears to my eyes – it was such a beautiful experience. The view across the red roof tops of Florence I found unforgettable. The second trip, a year later, was to accompany my sister on her first trip, so less surprising but equally interesting.
I particularly enjoyed looking down on all the activity taking place below. You won’t be able to benefit from being able to zoom in on a high-res image, as I have, but in this image there are people looking up at me (or perhaps the huge dome behind me!), people bravely riding bikes, the wet tracks of a street washing vehicle, people selling paintings and prints of various and dubious quality, a solar car demonstration, people referring to maps and brochures …. and no doubt a few petty thieves surveying their next target! Around the corner were the horses and their carriages.
Oh, I do love Florence!

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  1. Your enthusiasm and the stories in the image inspire me to want to go to Florence Vicki! Thanks

  2. This viewpoint instantly reminded me of your girls running image……

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