Early Hours

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Mar 212015
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Recently I went down to Lake Tekapo for some R&R. The first morning around 2am I thought I would venture down to the Church of the Good Shepherd, surely no-one would be there, how wrong I was, around 20 young souls, with little English/Scottish were running around, drove me mad. Left not happy.
Next morning around 12.30am got up & ventured to Lake Alexandrina, surely no one will be there, I was right it was quiet, peaceful & really enjoyable. I left around 2am & not another soul in sight ahhhh.

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  3 Responses to “Early Hours”

  1. Nothing happens unless we make the effort to “be there” plus, as you have proved, having the right timing.

  2. Isn’t it amazing the colour that is in the darkness that our eyes can’t see.

  3. Love this image Scott, but think you forgot to b/w it! Great to see some lovely soft,warm colour – it’s interesting how you can tell it’s not quite normal daylight but is so close. Magic

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