Seat in stainless steel

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Mar 112015
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An hour or so free in downtown Auckland, so walked around with my camera. There was a gentle glow coming off the brushed stainless steel seat that was in the shade but facing the direction of light. I waited until no one was sitting on it and made the image. I love it when form and function come together.

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  7 Responses to “Seat in stainless steel”

  1. It just glistens. Well seen AND created

  2. Minimalist, balanced, contemporary,focussed and illuminated where it counts. Self portrait? Magic!

  3. It would look great printed on metallic paper…..

  4. John, every time i see one of your beautiful images I tell myself to be more disciplined in my photography but then fail to execute. I love the simplicity, the light, the contrast, the wonderful tones. Jenny mentioned contemporary, I agree. You see so well.

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