Jesus Christ is Lord

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Mar 082015
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Hes obviously been to the Saltwater Creek Garage to fill up then.

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  1. I know this spot well. Apparently he’s not home. That car has been there for years.

  2. Or, Tim, he is there and hasn’t left for years. Awesome photo Ferg. I linger for ages but in the end it’s the shear desolation and deserted feel I get from this image that hits me in the chest. Not without some irony, to which I must admit.

  3. Yeah a goody this one Ferg, Never imagined Jesus with Glamour glow????

  4. I pass this spot every time I go to Christchurch. I think it’s been like that at least as long as I have been in Hanmer! I have seen a number of images and this one is great. The mono treatment and the clouds add to the drama of the story.

  5. I was going to write something deep and profound but am still laughing from Bruce’s comment 🙂

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