Mar 072015
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It seems that it is a time of change. The old stopping and new happening.

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  3 Responses to “Change- end of a cycle- beginning a new”

  1. For me it certainly seems this way. So many things changing. Some are little things. Some are big things. Some are so huge they scare me.

  2. Too much change at once for me. Must be getting old! I don’t like the black hole in the middle, it scares me – too much unknown …. But the brightness lures me into it so how can I resist. Life is full of hard choices and sometimes we don’t get to choose and a new journey begins, like it or not!

  3. Cycles and spirals, duality. Definitely stories of our time. Change is afoot, change challenges us but presents new opportunities. Time to let go, and trust. It will all be ok.

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