The Family Portrait

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Mar 062015
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A professional photographer would cringe at the technical merits of this image. It illustrates several imperfections. I love this image though because it captures the characters of the family and reminds me that in an imperfect world I can enjoy perfectly the qualities of family.

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  1. Who cares about professionals! This is what I call fun with attitude! And lots of communication between subjects. (Big grin) It is wonderful and if it was a selfie and you raced to get in then it is absolutely perfect

  2. woot! look at that hair fly! love the smiles on everyones faces

  3. We do our arty photos but these are the real treasures . we must not forget to make them.

  4. Pauline, my favourite family portraits are just like this because they show real personality, character and individuality. I simply love this and as Tim says these images are a real treasure. Thanks so much for sharing it with us as it is a private and uninhibited moment that only happens with the comfort and trust of family.

  5. Superbly symbolic!!!

  6. Yay for the comments everyone. It would be stich a sad place if we weren’t making images that remind us of love and loving.

  7. This is exactly how they should be!! All the characters as I know them. Wonderful and makes me sad that I haven’t taken the opportunities to capture our lot like this.

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