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Mar 052015
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… and train-spotter!

We headed off to Pangbourne last Sunday morning to watch a recently restored steam train chug through the village on the main line. On our way there we passed this gentleman on his ten-speed bike and I suggested that he was probably on his way to see the train too, and sure enough he turned up a few minutes after our arrival. He had just completed restoring his bike – a 1959 Raleigh, a rare model in crimson – and wanted to catch a photo of it lined up with the steam train. There’s quite a following for old bikes here.
After the train raced through [no gentlemanly, or photographic, chugging allowed when you’re on the main line], which took all of a few seconds, I told him of my ‘photographing strangers’ project, and asked if he’d be happy for me to take his portrait.

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  6 Responses to “Retro cyclist”

  1. He was “in my face” the second I opened the website. You have captured an intensity. Great image.

  2. So intense Vicki. And sharp where it needs to be. Well done

  3. So he didnt have a helmet on??

    I like Johns word – intensity. All of that comes from his eyes and you have captured it superbly

    • Well spotted, Ian. Wearing helmets here is not compulsory. A Kiwi friend was interested a couple of years back to follow the discussions around making helmets compulsory in the UK. Someone pointed out how well the law works in New Zealand. In response, another wisely added that “New Zealanders are risk takers – they need to wear helmets”. There’s no arguing with that sort of [idiotic] reasoning!
      Besides – a plastic helmet would have clashed with this gentleman’s tweed jacket and matching knee length pants.

  4. Thank you all. Yes – intense is a good word for him. He was pleasant and friendly; proud of his bike; serious in his interest. He was on a mission.

  5. Great portrait – and they’ve all said it for me. Very strong, and you seem to be getting more comfortable?

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