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Mar 042015
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By popular request…….

This is Te Oka bay again. I had made some images in the rocks and I had gone down to the sand to make the image from last week. Then I just sat on a log for a while taking it all in.

Just then the bloke I was with (some of you may recognise him) wandered into my frame with his little Fuji over his shoulder. His just stood and looked.

It struck me that he was doing exactly what I do, and I enjoy doing it, every time I am on a beach. I just gaze out to sea. Perhaps I’m contemplating what exactly is over the distant horizon, perhaps I’m enjoying the pattern of the waves and the tide – ever changing but always the same, or maybe I’m just soaking up the calm before the storm.

I’m really pleased with this image because it is more about the figure than the landscape.

I think of it as a self-portrait of someone else.

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  7 Responses to “Ocean Gaze”

  1. YES!

  2. Another magic image. Perfect

  3. Ian, I can relate to this image. Says a lot. Thanks

  4. That,s the one.
    To me it’s looking into a future that is confined by immovable reality. Not dead ahead, slightly to the right. Positioned directly under the end of one of those immovable forces a slight change is required. Standing squarely on the rocky the reality of the present. With energy from the past oozing out from under the feet forming the future. A Dark shape to one side, open space to the other .. that leads nowhere. The immediate foreground is reflective. There is light over the horizon… a promising future. Blue skys above but with a texture of experience.

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