Te Oka Bay

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Feb 212015
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We took a drive to the peninsula for sunrise at the top of the hill.

Afterwards we followed the road just to see where it went.
This is Te Oka Bay and the GPS said that the road just ends here.

There is just one house and I thought “this is not a bad place to end a road………….”

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  6 Responses to “Te Oka Bay”

  1. I have had the privilege of seeing another image Ian made here.
    It’s a dosey . Permanently etched in my brain. Not that there is anything wrong with this.
    I think the last quote here will fit that too , Ian.

  2. Ditto Tim’s comments.

  3. It looks like cold cold ice – and a wonderful shapes in the blue and streaky lines drawing you in. I want to go there

  4. I know that ‘O’ in te Reo means “The place of” and if you have gone to the end of the road to photograph this scene before Ian, perhaps ‘Ka’ suggests that it is in some way a special place for you.
    I could live in a spot like that, but I wouldn’t get much work done.

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