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Feb 202015
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It took me awhile to decide on the image I should share with your fascinating group, but realised it had to be something quite special to me. What will be an 8-10 year endeavour with my oldest son (all depending on his choice to participate throughout this period of time), the series currently called “Unfurling” which pertains to the bond between mother and child. From the moment I saw the first image of my child in the womb I was amazed at how the wonder and mystification of this little person and how it made me feel. Photography for me is about the emotion that is felt whilst making your images, I tend towards a quiet, slow process and photography has helped me to slow my thought process and general tendency towards life as an attitude to feed the soul!

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  1. Hi Tammy, Thankyou for sharing such a special image. You have taken an emotion that all parents can relate to, to a whole new level.
    For me “tenderness” is the feeling you shared with this picture

  2. A very lovely child. Warms the heart 🙂

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