Feb 042015
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Having admired this style of photography over the years I finally got around to giving it a go on a recent visit to Oamaru (and found it was much harder than I expected!). Not entirely happy with the result but it was fun playing around with my camera again and hopefully learning something in the process.

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  4 Responses to “Wandering Lonely – Sarah Stirrup”

  1. Well I love where this takes me. You are far too modest!

  2. Very good composition. I like very much the colour and tones.

  3. Well I think you should be very happy with this image. For me, it is the composition, as John says, which makes it and I thought this as soon as I saw it and before John had commented. I have also tried this type of image and it isn’t easy. You have to be fast when capturing the moment and you have done well, imho.

  4. Well as everyone else has said, I think this is great. It has so much impact – striking, simple.

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