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Jan 302015
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Willie runs “open-mike” shows in a few pubs around Christchurch.

To me he seemed to be able to play anything.

It was a fairly quiet night when we went to watch Terry so Willie did a couple of spots on his own and joined in with each of the other performers.

Every time he picked up an instrument he added a new dimension to the show.

So if you see a “Willies Open Night” sign up then make sure you go in…..

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  3 Responses to “Willie”

  1. Awesome Ian, you have given him lots of space in a very unconventional composition. Great!

  2. I was thinking that I can’t think of a comment, then just as I was about to leave the page, what popped into my head is that I felt/hear music when looking at the image. Willie obviously deeply feels music and it exudes from him in this moment. 🙂

  3. I like all the negative space in this image, allows me to play any tune I like. Less is very much more here, thanks Ian.

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