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Jan 282015
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It’s funny how we so often feel we need “new and shiny” but when we find ourselves in the company of “old and worn” we feel so comfortable and at home. That is just how I felt when I found the old leaf lying on the forest floor. We are going through some change at the moment and the temptation is to turf the old and bring in the new. This image is reminding me to think twice about that …

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  1. Just remember that the enemies of history are tidy women AND tidy men – declutter but not totally because old and warm do create very good feelings and being history they make you feel at home and help one remember ones beginnings. I love the subtle tones and shapes and dare I say it – triangles!

  2. Beautiful image and accompanying thoughts Bruce – like a pair of comfy old slippers. Yep, keep the old – for the history, the stories and memories, not to mention the beauty and the sense of belonging.

  3. I loved being drawn into this image with my thoughts wandering through the appreciations I have gathered lately. My vege garden this summer has been a wild chaos and in that chaos I’ve discovered things that my careful micro managing would not have allowed to happen. I discovered new seedlings that had self sown and now they are covered with Monarch butterflies laying their eggs and fat stripy caterpillars crawling through the leaves. The effects of the dry weather have been kept at bay by the profusion of weeds that surround the planted beans and strawberries and the fruits have been able to survive and yield their bounty instead of shrivelling up. I’m learning to harvest seeds so there are sprawling leggy plants covering parts of the garden. And as I think about the seed, the seedling and the fallen leaves I’m reminded that our lives follow the same pattern. We let go the leaves that have served us well, they fall to nourish us with what they have gathered, and as a new season begins for us we can remember that all the parts make up our whole.
    Your image makes me smile with gratitude, Bruce.

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