Calendar, Piha, December 2014

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Jan 272015
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A continuation of tradition. When I was small we always had an Advent Calendar to count down to Christmas. Beautiful English or European winter scenes complete with sparkling snow and tiny images to be revealed on each eagerly anticipated day.

I’ve steadfastedly rejected the chocolate imitations, much, I’m sure, to the disappointment of my children, and held fast to my desire to keep the traditions of Christmas simple.

This was an offering to my Granddaughter, a reminder to her in a world of commercialism that delight can still be had in the home-made. I challenged myself to create something from only what I had around the house and filled each envelope with ideas for fun activities, card making components, colouring in pictures and season based jokes (yes, as bad as the Christmas cracker ones!). It was supported by a branch of rosemary from my garden to inspire rememberance and memories of all of her people, her rapidly expanding extended family.

I want to make memories for my family.

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  7 Responses to “Calendar, Piha, December 2014”

  1. I love this and what it represents Jen. I am sure your family will have amazing memories. So easy to forget what creates memories and we have discovered that it is no the big things! Our treasures and memories are hand made cards and little gems from the heart.

  2. This is just great – it just yells out “Jen made this”

    Supergranny Id say!!

  3. Jen, without the comments, I love this image – bright, colourful and almost 3D. With the comments as well it is so much more.

  4. Great idea, great image, great inspiration and jolly good FUN!

    Actually John put it perfectly…

  5. Love your creativity!!!

  6. It is so important to create memories for our children and grandchildren. You only realise you have been successful when they tell you many years later about what you created way back then and how much fun they had sharing in that creation. And the lasting memories they now have. And especially when they help you make things. Hugh used to make boats with sails out of old flax stems and seed heads for the kids to float on the river down the road from our house and they have kept them for years amongst their treasures. You have made it even better by creating a lasting memory with this image. Wonderful, Jen

  7. Jen, Ive never seen an image that screams out so much about the author before. Its all about creativity and love, thats our Jen!!!!!!

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