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Recently Ann kindly referred me to the work of artist Josef Albers. He is well known for his work and writing on colour v black and white. The bonus for me was finding a quote of Albers that sums up my approach to photography better than any words i have used in the past – “Art is revelation instead of information, expression instead of description, creation instead of imitation or repetition.”
I revisited an image that I had struggled with. I realised that it was a very good ‘description’ of what I saw but it was not an ‘expression’ of what had attracted my attention in the first place – the pointed oval boat shapes and the worn parts of the wood. This is my attempt to try and ‘reveal’ those aspects.

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  1. I like your thinking here John – and you have achieved exactly what you set out to do.

    The problem for me is figuring out exactly what it is that I want to express. Often I am drawn to something and the photograph is a response to that attraction. But in order to go to the next level I must understand what has caused the reaction in the first place.

    I really like the idea of striving to move from “description” to “expression”.

  2. Yes, John, I feel that you’ve definitely revealed much more of your impression, and I immediately saw what inspired you in the picture. I agree with Ian. The real difficulty for me always is to pin down that moment of recognition that has subconsciously driven the desire to release the shutter.

    Sometimes it takes some time (months, years!) to surface. But I’m getting better at understanding that, and the importance of making the picture regardless of knowing that there is more to the moment than the description.

  3. Love the balance in the comp and the way you’ve brought out the textures. This image definitely talks to me.

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