Steel Door

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Jan 252015
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Found this old door again. Time changes your vision, through experiences & education(well I think so anyway). So I decided to photograph it with new eyes & see what would come of the image, colour my goodness have I gone mad, guess so. but it works for me.

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  5 Responses to “Steel Door”

  1. Interesting shapes around the lock; I think the muted tones suit the image. I can feel the textures which you have shown in your usual great way. You have shown here that you are multi facetted, Scott, and not totally tunnel visioned!

  2. I imagined it in B+W and the picture in my mind is more harsh and confronting. And I do think your choice of colour is better here – the layers of the story are more evident and the image feels more sympathetic to the history shown on the door.

  3. Funnily enough when I saw the image my first thought was “Colour? Has he gone mad??! Well it works for me.” So I guess we’re on the same wavelength for this one Scott. Great image – heaps to see.

  4. Thank you guys, funny really I usually always see images in B&W, contrasty, dark, gritty, this one I didn’t, from the moment of capture I knew it would remain color (oops reading too many American books) colour. It is a follow on with the Faces in the Wall series, colour doors?????? Only time & my brain will tell.

  5. I love the muted palette in this and agree with Ian that it gives the story a more sympathetic reading, the chance to be whispered rather than TOLD. I feel as if I have the freedom to work my way through it in a leisurely way. A rather beautiful piece.

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