Trees in the mist

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Jan 202015
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You’ll never guess ….. it was a misty day! We headed off for a walk through the grounds of Highclere Castle – better known as Downton Abbey. The ‘castle’ and grounds were closed to the public, but the public is still entitled to use the public footpaths – a strange concept to a Kiwi. We kept expecting to be told off, especially when to gain access past the formidable gate we walked in the gate-keeper’s front gate, sidled past their doorway (while being watched from inside), crossed their garden path and onto the private road/public footpath. A map made the route clear, so off we set. We missed the castle on the first pass – it was hidden by mist – but we got a peek, at a distance, on the way back. Needless to say, I enjoyed the eerie trees, coming and going in the drifting mist. It was so beautiful.

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  8 Responses to “Trees in the mist”

  1. Im getting “Tree envy” !!

    • I ALWAYS think of you, Ian, when I spot lone trees – and not because of think of you as a lone tree!! There are so many here for you – I just wish I could capture and present them half as well as you do.

  2. I love the tones too – beautiful misty scene in a gorgeous place by the sound of your description. A great adventure to add to all your others

    • Thank you Barbara. Where lucky to be living in a lovely area – there are many large properties with parks, farms and forests and there is access to most of it via the public footpaths.

  3. Beautiful indeed Vicky. I’m love those misty mornings that slowly reveal the work as if it’s an innocent maiden, only showing you the tantalising bits, teasing you, just a little more please. Subtle and beautiful. Thanks for the gentleness of this image.

    • Thank you Bruce. Unfortunately the actual experience had thorns! It was awfully cold (around zero, or less); everyone in our little group kept walking, so I had to dash to catch up all the time. So instead of being able to sit back and enjoy the landscape as it was hidden and revealed by the drifting mists, I was more in a state of excitement …. capturing a view here, dashing off to capture another there, nipping back to capture ‘just’ one more 🙂 I was grinning from ear to ear! So, the gentleness of the image came from those rare seconds when I stood and looked through the viewfinder ….. and breathed.

      • Ha! What a photo can hide … In the end we all relate to images in our own way and we all create our own context. I don’t have any insight to your walking group when I look at this so enter my own world and make it the way I want to. What joy. Glad you got to “breathe” when you made this. It is exciting isn’t it? You have given me an idea for my next post – so thanks for the inspiration too!

  4. The gentleness of this definitely belies your hurry, and companions. A tribute to being able to be in the moment, however short! It’s beautiful and I’m not surprised that Ian has “Tree Envy”!!

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