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Jan 192015
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For some reason that I haven’t quite been able to figure out my camera has been stuck in its bag for a month or so.

I have found that a really good way to get started again, or get “unstuck”, is to use my lensbaby.

My brother Terry has recently returned from a number of years away in the UK. He invited us to come and watch him perform at an “open-mike”.

So I put on the lensbaby and dropped a fast 50mm in my pocket and had a great time.

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  6 Responses to “Terry”

  1. Besides the selective focus with Lensbaby, it does great things with colour. Just look at those red, blues and greens!

  2. So if I borrowed your lensbaby with an adaptor for my cell phone, my creativity would zoom straight back to me ???

  3. Very good. Lenasbaby works for this as it gives a sense of being transported somewhere else, which is what music always does for me.

  4. Love the energy here. I can hear the music even tho I’ve no idea what he was actually singing!

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