New Brighton Pier – Carl Street

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Jan 182015
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Like many photographers I find myself drawn to the iconic New Brighton Pier in Christchurch and, it has been a real challenge to come up with an image that is different to the usual sunrise shots. On a wet and dreary day I had my chance by taking different views of the pier and blending them together into this surreal image. I can look at this for ages being drawn into the confusion of how the structure exists, the feeling of going back in time and the incredible peacefulness it exudes. Very few people say it is ‘nice’ as they either love it or hate it and that, for me, makes for a powerful and worthwhile piece of art.

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  7 Responses to “New Brighton Pier – Carl Street”

  1. Wow – works for me!

  2. You are right – it isnt nice …. it is outstanding. You have retained the essence of the pier but taken us to somewhere completely different.

  3. A great creation

  4. Carl, I love this style,makes me to interesting places. Great perspective, great design and a wonderful mood. Tells us a lot about the way you see. Great work.

  5. That is one very cool image, Carl. I had read the comments, above, before I saw your image, so I was expecting something different, but was completely surprised. Well done!

  6. Thank you for the comments, this is one of my favourite images I have created. A number of ideas are floating around in my head that are gradually coming to life, hopefully I’ll get to share some of them at a later date 🙂

  7. Clever, interesting, entertaining, creative. Nice one.

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