Releasing, Kawaha Point, January 2015

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Jan 162015
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As many of you know, Mark and I have been expecting to leave Rotorua for the past year. Yet still we are here. In recent times I’ve had this feeling that we’re holding ourselves here in some way but we were willing the move and itching to get on with whatever our next step was.

Reflection over the Christmas and New Year period steeled our resolve and I attacked the decluttering with renewed vigour, revelling in the lightness that comes with less. And then I found it. Hidden away in the very dim, dark, recesses at the bottom of a cupboard, a box of evidence of a less than fun time in my life. And I knew what had to be done. We sat amongst the swirling ashes with a glass of wine toasting the opportunity to release from this. Cleanse. Unattach.

Whatever our path now, whether it be sooner or later, I’m not worried, or anxious. I feel a lightness of spirit that was not there before. I can now truly move on.

We don’t use the fire enough.

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  1. Jenny, it is special when an image sums up something very significant in you life. Lightness of spirit is a wonderful gift to your self.

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