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Jan 062015
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I had just received a new lens with a wonderfully shallow depth of field and it was pouring with rain. I was so determined to make the first image with the lens so I decided to stand on one spot on my deck and find that darned image! As I looked around I saw this beautiful daisy growing on the other side of the transparent, corrugated roof, over our deck. Perfect! I opened the aperture to f1.2 and this is what I found. The rain helped. So, a reminder that photographs can be made anywhere. I was glad I had not done the weeding the previous weekend and noted never to weed again …. On a different level, this daisy showed me tenacity, it thrives in the gutter and shines through no matter how grim the weather. I like those qualities.

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  1. I haven’t been able to figure it out yet – what it is exactly that attracts me to an image like this. Whenever I see images like this with soft soft edges and largely undefined subjects my heart leaps and I am compelled to look and my whole attention is focused on it. Well done Bruce – you got me

  2. I’ve been in a hole for a bit where I don’t seem to be able to pick up my camera. So to be reminded of the Freeman principle that there is a beautiful photograph everywhere is great.

    Or is the message that I really need a new f2.8 lens!!!!!

  3. Bruce i like the dynamic flow of this image, the feeling of movement, the overall softness. Thankyou for sharing.

  4. Yes Ian, I heard FP coming through loud and clear there too – like a breath of fresh air. This image makes me want to pic up my camera and DO SOMETHING!! Am here on holiday in Wanaka but not inspired at all to photograph – what is that all about? This image tho could be the inspiration I need. Cheers Bruce.

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