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Dec 302014
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One of the things that we participate in is to host travellers from around the world through the Couchsurfing organisation. Recently a couple of girls from the USA stayed with us for a few days and in the course of conversation I discovered that both girls were keen social activists. One of the issues we discussed was the mexican migrants crossing into the US and the subsequent social, economic and political borders that were crossed. As a result we have collaborated on an exhibition that will be shown in January next year entitled “Crossing Borders”. The girls have written commentary and I have come up with the supporting imagery. The symbol for the migrant movement is represent by the Monarch butterfly so I revisited some work I had made 10 years ago and reshaped it.
What a wonderful meeting and the opportunity to create new work.

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  1. Pauline , Happy New Year. I love what you are planning to do. I like the colour and shape of the image. In terms of the image, colour I see as positive. The softening and blurred edges suggests the complicated nature of the problem.

  2. Thanks John for your input. Perceptive and well considered as I’ve come to respect from you.

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