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Dec 292014
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These gentlemen were enjoying a private moment, in a very public place. I feel uncomfortable about having photographed them, but it is done. I captured the image on a London back-street several months ago, and I keep going back to it, so now it has finally made it here. I keep wondering about their conversation. There’s definitely comedy involved – one is laughing while the other is, almost, straight-faced. The seating arrangements are unusual. Every time I look at it I see something I’ve missed on previous viewings. I’ve been unable to put my finger on a title. No doubt I’ll be returning for more viewings.

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  1. I am enjoying your portraits, Vicki, and their accompanying stories. It is a unique way to share your journey. I love this image with its layers (reflection and people and the sign). It intrigues me and I am also stumped for a title – but that doesn’t matter as we can then put our own thoughts to this image. Warmest seasons greetings to you both

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