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Dec 272014
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The SSDicky was run aground on Feb 4th 1893 during a ferocious storm. It was built in Germany in 1883 and was used
as a coastal trader in Australia from 1887. A number of efforts to refloat her were unsuccessful and the wreck has remained
at Dicky Beach on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia for the last 121years. Now a rusty skeleton of broken bones partially
buried in sand, the council have decided to remove the wreck and keep what is left of her preserved. Both Locals and Photographers alike have been against this decision as it is has been a special part of the Sunshine Coast beach and will be sorely missed. I was able to capture this moment in time after a huge storm swept through one afternoon in April last year. I waited to time the image with the wave action. This was what I was wanting to capture- a dark sky with the water flooding the vessel. Nikon D4 16-35mmf4 Polariser ND8 Grad
1.3sec exposure @f22 Iso 50

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  3 Responses to “SS Dicky – Joy Kachina”

  1. Love this Joy, great drama in the clouds, a well constructed B&W image, thank you for sharing.

  2. Well done Joy I like this a lot. You have got the balance between dramatic B+W and realism just right.
    The story of the wreck being removed adds an interesting element

  3. I remember this image from Natex 2014 where it won the Richard Ratcliff Marine award. Well deserved too as it is a superb image. It is great to see it here

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