Couch, Kawaha Point, December 2014

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Dec 252014
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Not a very “Christmassy” image, I know.

Truth be told, and probably the same for many of you, the camera has had lower priority lately. For me it’s been over-ridden by the desire to spend time passing on my Christmas enjoyment and traditions through to the grandchildren. In the form of a making kind of Christmas as opposed to a buying kind of Christmas. So I’ve made gingerbread houses (flatpack for creative construction) and countdown calendars and posted little making surprises to enable them to have some of the anticipation and participation that we did as little people.

And often I would look up from what I was doing and just catch the light at a certain moment, and rush off to find the camera, hurriedly trying to dust enough flour off the hands to use it. So my subjects at the moment are domestic. And about the light.

And I think John has a hand in this somewhere 😉

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day today, gathered with family or friends if possible; or, if not, managed to connect with someone else along the way and share a moment.

I wish for you a New Year full of hope and joy, despite circumstances personal or world-wide that might make it feel not possible. I wish all your dreams come true.

Love and Blessings, Jen

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  4 Responses to “Couch, Kawaha Point, December 2014”

  1. Ditto for the wishes

  2. Hi Jen, what a beautiful message thank you. I would like to echo your best wishes with the hope that you achieve everything you have wished for us too. We are on an adventure next year. Things are going to change in a big way for us. I am sure its going to be bumpy BUT that makes it all the more exciting. More to follow. Happy Christmas everyone and all the very best for 2015.

  3. Thank you for the best wishes. I hope you had a nice Christmas and have an even better New Year. I see you are not waiting for a new year to try some new imaging. I hope you will continue to turn that dial to heavy under exposed and then play.

  4. This image sums up my current view of 2015.

    It appears to be dramatic and a bit scary from here but in reality is just a big soft comfortable place……..

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