Santa Fe Madonna

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Dec 202014
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  1. Tim, I find this very disturbing as it summarises my own feeling so well. The serenity and comfort religion should bring to us all is represented by the “madonna” but then there are my real feelings lurking just under the surface – really prickly and irritable about the whole concept of religious peace brought about suspension of one set of beliefs in order to commit to a concept that will make everything OK. You have captured the juxtaposition so well. I want one but have the other …. such is life when you have never quite managed to commit to the “mystery of faith”. Very well done, it says so much to me! I wonder what it says about you? – a bit of competition going on – light and dark, perhaps. Which one will win over and how close to the edge are we? do we vasiclate from one to the other.? The “light” seems to be “winning” for now, just. How I relate to this image!

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