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Neil used to be an accountant. He’s been a gardener for the past few years. This is a move we’re becoming familiar with. He spends one and a half days a week working on the estate where Nigel’s now caretaker and where we both reside. He is such a lovely, happy chap – it took a split second for him to convince us he was happy with his career move.

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  1. Vicky, your portraits have been intriguing me. Whenever I look at them I feel like the subjects are right there in front of me, real people, ready to say hello back to me. When I grow up I think I’ll get a camera like yours so I can take wonderful portraits too.

    • Gosh, Pauline, you certainly know how to bring tears to a girl’s eyes! And that’s not from laughing. Thank you so much! I’m blessed with two beautiful portrait lenses and a cute wee camera to drive them – they’re wonderful to carry and perhaps a little less intimidating for the ‘victim’!

  2. I love that you caught the twinkle in his eye – and the detail of the badge tops it off

  3. Well Vicki, I am sure these portraits tell us more about you than your camera, to state the obvious. I too have enjoyed your journey as you discover your confidence with people. The overriding impression is that they are real and unpretentious and I am sure this only comes across because of your own authenticity. They also tell us so much about your travels and how they have helped you grow and develop as a person and therefore as a photographer. Keep them coming.

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