Nature’s perfection

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Dec 152014
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I have been away for the weekend and have been mulling over my description for this image. This morning as I came to upload it I did some catching up on the images I had not been able to look at over the week-end and saw Jen’s image of a Pohutakawa leaf and was delighted to find that she feels about Phohutakawas as I feel about sand! The coincidence is that we are both trying (well at least I am) to give expression to those feelings at the same time.

I am sure I have said this before but I love the transience of nature’s perfection and nowhere is it more apparent than on a beach, or in this case, a sand dune. Each day it is wiped clean and another creation made. I wish I could be so prolific in my art! I could explore these places for ever. It’s not just nature’s art that gets to me though, its being out there, just “IT” and me.

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  2 Responses to “Nature’s perfection”

  1. Bruce, stunning colour and patterns. I like this very much.

  2. Perfect, Bruce. And you’ve described your love so well. I grew up a block from the beach and with a sand hill in our backyard – I’ve spent many glorious hours engrossed in sand, and sea.

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