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A few days ago, as part of a group of photography friends, we were challenged to give examples of our style and to indicate any differences in direction we may going. My style of black and white high contrast images is obvious but what was interesting was I realised I was making more colour images then usual. But what I did not think about until now is that the move to a bit more colour has not been a conscious decision – it has just sneaked in!
I think that part of the reason is fortuitous – travelling opens up more opportunities. But I have travelled before and have produced few coloured images I have been pleased with. I suspect the main reason is that my Sony A7r makes colour look great in the camera and so I explore that more than before. Maybe I am influenced by hardware more than I thought. It certainly made this image possible – in a museum I could make a handheld shot using the low light program that takes several images and stacks them automatically for me as a jpg with very little noise. So easy!

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  4 Responses to “Colour sneaked in”

  1. infraRED – Hahaha I crack myself up! 🙂

  2. I thing that the introduction of colour is not a move in your style – it is simply your same style viewed from a different place.

    The same elegant simplicity it there.

    Perhaps you have trained your vision with B+W images and, as you get more comfortable with the way you see, the “complex” colour just eases back in.

  3. Ian has spoken my thoughts as I took this image in. Still the elegant simplicity, pared back vision, with this beautiful overlay of colour. Isn’t it wonderful that the technology allows us more and more to attain our personal vision.

    • You and Ian are right. I guess it is just adding another dimension to ‘my style’. My next image will be a departure though.

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