Moeraki Boulder

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Dec 062014
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I recently had a bit of a road trip.

It was if I drove from cliché to cliché. Firstly I managed to drive right past the lupins in Tekapo. I did however stop to look at the rolling hills in the Lindas Pass and when I got to Wanaka I did get my camera out when I saw “that tree”.

It was nice to see those places but I didn’t seriously expect to make a decent picture on a drive past.

But this one in Moeraki was a similar whistle stop visit and I made an image that I like very much. Luck of the draw with the tide and the sky I suppose but I simply imagined the boulder was a tree and made the same picture that I have made before.

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  5 Responses to “Moeraki Boulder”

  1. Love the colour contrasts. The grey is so soft and I like thinking about the boulder in the context of trees. Makes me grin

  2. If I’ve made someone smile then I feel successful…….

  3. Tree? Works for me Ian! 🙂

  4. Ian, I LOVE your boulder… you’ve made something different out of subject that’s photographed by everyone. Its beautiful!

  5. It feels like another world inside our own, or in a completely alien landscape. Another world altogether. And definitely not the cliched response to such a well known subject.

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