Kapiti – William Wright

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Dec 052014
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This image was made one evening on a Kapiti Coast beach. The light was fading fast as it was getting dark so a long exposure was required. Despite the lack of light I was suprised just how much the camera was able to record. I particularly like the way the camera has captured the movements of the person so it appears to be two people holding hands, the pattern of the waves and the unmistakeable outline of Kapiti Island in the background.

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  3 Responses to “Kapiti – William Wright”

  1. Hi William. Welcome! This is beautiful! I love the “couple” and the blue tone works very well. I could spend a lot of time with this image.

  2. Very Interesting that the ” couple” is one person. You can go for a walk along the beach with yourself. As I sit hear thinking about what to write I am running lines in my head checking if they sound right or make sense so i must be having a conversation with myself.

  3. There is always more than one of us. We are never truly alone. A dreamscape, and one I find myself in. Welcome! And thank you so much for joining us William, we love the inspiration from others.

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