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Dec 022014
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As you know, most of my work is high contrast, often with very dark or black negative space. I think that will still be the main thrust of my work but recently I have been making a few images in a lighter and slightly less sharp or defined nature.
Just as I often zero in on one aspect of a building, this is a small part of a 4m high outdoor sculpture.

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  7 Responses to “A bit softer”

  1. John I love this. It brings to my mind the title of a poem by my friend Jane O’Shea called “the quiet shoulder of surrender”.. Today has been a busy day full of many facets and when I saw your image I breathed a sigh of relief at the beautiful elegance of it and it reminded me of the value of quiet and stillness. Thank you

  2. Love this image.

  3. Gorgeous. Love the light and elegance.

  4. John, as always, absolute simplicity but this time we have such a gentle, elegant curve so well supported by gentle tones, leaving us with a sense of peacefulness. I feel so content looking a this image. It’s beautiful, thank you.

  5. Beautiful, John. I’m reminded of rose petals.

  6. I am lucky enough to have seen a dark version of this image which is also beautiful. I think the pair make an interesting statement.

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