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Nov 272014
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Mid november is the time of the year when my husband travels to studs to buy the rams for the coming season. It is an important financial decision for us as it determines the quality of our lambs. This year the weather was unseasonably cold and the rain threw itself against the ute window. It was a new ute, the previous one having gone up in flames through a funny but expensive escapade earlier. We had been forced to make a new purchase that hadn’t been budgeted for. Sitting beside the man of my life I watched the stormy weather outside the window, thought about how he had been able to purchase the new vehicle, with its warm heater, and how much I valued having him as my travelling companion as we went through our times of stormy weather. He always makes me feel like I am safe inside.

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  3 Responses to “Safe Inside”

  1. And hugs to you both

  2. REAL beauty Pauline. You make me happy to hear your story

  3. Great image and story. It’s good to the grateful for these things.

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