Storm – Wellington, November 2014

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Nov 232014
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The wind is such a part of this place. A friend at last? Perhaps.

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  9 Responses to “Storm – Wellington, November 2014”

  1. a friend maybe. A dangerous one, one that can be a pain on the arse. But one that’s there also everyday and makes life fresh. Stunning image.

  2. This image works the same way as watching a fire or the ocean – once I start I cant look away;

    The sliver of reflected light draws me in and and is captivating.

    ……………… But I thought you said Wellington was always sunny!!

  3. Sorry Bruce, my command of the English language isn’t strong enough to describe how much I like this image. I’m not sure the words I’m looking for have been created yet.


    P.S. Now if I could only understand why I feel this way?!?!?

  4. Images like this remind me of why I love the sea. Never a dull moment. Forever changing. So much life. And more. Thank you Bruce!

  5. Great treatment, moody, you can feel the wind blow & trust me I have lived in some very windy places in my life. It reminds me of when I lived in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, dark moody but inviting.

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