Strath Taieri Plains

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Nov 142014
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As I was chasing around the valley trying to find the hill with the tree I also happened to look in the other direction.

There was obviously some weather on the way and the fingers of cloud stretched over the sky coming towards me.

The valley and the sky work together to really make a special feel about this place.

But it was on the computer at home that this picture came alive for me. After I had cloned out the dust, lightened and darkened some areas and stretched it a bit, I merged this texture.

It was as if someone from the past was along for the ride.

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  5 Responses to “Strath Taieri Plains”

  1. I like this image – the colour, tones and texture. It is also very dynamic – I sense the cloud movement from left to right.

  2. Oh Ian! You hit me in my soft spot with this image. Weather, landscape, space!

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble Ian but this is a FAKE!!!!!

    We never get bad weather down here. 🙂

  4. The textures are very subtle and just add to the overall mood.. AND I see triangles there (I see them everywhere now!) It is a wonderful space you have found there, Ian

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